It Takes a Village Contest

The local village needs your help! Recently villagers have been slaughtered by ruthless zombies surrounding the area. The locals have asked you to create a village that is pleasing to the eyes, and keeps them safe. Plots are 50×50, terraforming is essential, safety is a must! Can you build the best area for these poor souls?
Categories will be judged 1-5 (5 being the best you can get).

  • Keepin’ Them Safe – Safety is priority… will they die in your village?
  • Eyeball Pleasure – Will they hate their house? I hope not, make this pretty!
  • Colorful – Having different types of blocks in your plot will award points!
  • Farmer Bill – Extra points awarded if farms are included. “We gotta eat ya know!”

Take the portal at /spawn! It is to the left, across from the wilderness portal hub!

Once you are in the creative server, take the second portal to get to the contest, the one on the left! (water portal)
To go back to survival take the portal on the right! (lava portal)
Once you are at the contest plots, /ticket create “this plot please” to claim a spot! PLEASE STAND in the plot that you would like.

Contest Date: 12/31/21 – 1/15/22

Published by SMagicBaconS

BuildAtNight's Co-Owner!