It Takes A Village -=-Results-=-

After over a week of judging, the results are out!

The first contest for the map EternalMist has come to a close, and the voting has concluded. I am incredibly happy with the support we have received and the players who have participated in this contest! Winners, come see me for your rewards!

In 1st place, we have D_Static!

D_Static showed us their village mastery by creating an ultra-safe community where a zombie could not even enter! This awesome build is surrounded by a lava moat which activates when needed… which is at night. There is lore that has been added to this build as well as a safe room which is underground. A testimonial from our staff: “Safety is a 5 Great zombie murdering setup. Might want to change town leaders soon…” -LittleRabbitPaw

In 2nd Place, we have Antiochus!

Antiochus created a safe village area surrounded by a nice stone brick wall. There is plenty of farming for the villagers to eat and there are small homes placed throughout. The use of the space has been optimized and some areas are even built into the walls. One staff member said: “Safety is a 5. Those arrows will kill you. 10/10 would get hit again.” -Jeriel

In 3rd Place, we have LivieBrooke!

LivieBrooke gave us a build that focused a little less on safety and more on soft aesthetics. There is plenty of greenery and they even added a small river. These villagers would feel less like they are in a plot, and more like they are in a mini paradise. This build features a fountain in the middle of the build and the houses are built around this area. A staff member had this to say about the designs and colors… “Eyeballs is a 5 – beautiful decorative work and jam-packed detailing on the building interiors” -Soccerkobi

The runner-up for this contest is Vulpies. This build was very beautiful and won the hearts of a few staff members. Here are some testimonials. “Eyeballs: 4 – love the flowing archway and aqueduct” -Soccerkobi
“Eye candy: 4 Really unique buildings and areas!” -LittleRabbitPaw

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