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    Hey, you all may remember me you probably do! I just want to deeply apologize for how I acted on the server like 6 years ago, I was immature and stole some things from other members on the server such as items. Well, that’s all I remember. IF there is anything else I would be happy to set everything straight again! After getting banned at buildatnight i did go over to a sister server I’m pretty sure you all know of the server buildbylight. and I was able to gain lots of trust from the owner and became one of the staff members for a month until it got shut down. If you are ever in reach with Darkness_of_fam the owner of the server now, you can definitely ask how much I grew as a person and how much I matured to be a staff member there. If I was unbanned I promise I will be respectful of others and follow every single rule there is. I’ll even accept being on thin ice which is one strike you are out. until I get to gain trust again from all of the staff members. I just can’t say enough that I deeply am sorry for how immature I was in the server and disrespecting other players’ hard-worked items and stealing from them. I am 20 years old now and I did come a long way from being a 13-15-year-old on the server till now. I was able to mature in school and realize some life lessons that needed to be learned. Im not sure if this sounds like circle talk or not but I just want to establish my point that i really am sorry and I think personally I do deserve a second chance on the server because I have changed and I am sorry for everything that I have done! If I don’t get appealed for the server again I wish you luck in your future and hopefully, it’s really successful! Thanks for listening -Fled

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