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    When posting a BAN appeal a few pieces of crucial information will help you get the answer you are looking for sooner.

    First start a NEW TOPIC in the Ban Appeals section. For the “Title” put

    Your Minecraft Name – Ban Appeal

    In the body please include all of the following.

    1. Your Minecraft Name
    Although this site now requires you to register your minecraft name as your user name, providing it here can help clear up any confusion if for instance you forgot a number or two.

    2. The reason you were banned
    We make every effort to log a file for every ban we do here. Sometimes if we are dealing with people who are spamming chat with advertisments or a group of griefers we forget one or two.

    3. The reason you deserve a second chance.
    This line is the most often forgotten. People dont get banned without reason. We have several punishment options before it reaches a BAN including mutes, jails and kick. If you have done something on the server that has resulted in a ban you MUST provide GOOD reasons why you would be a valuble member of the server. Managing other servers is not a good reason. We are unlikely to consider previously banned players for staff positions unless you are able to REALLY amaze us. A better idea is to showcase things like your build style or places where you have been supportive of players without any reason.

    If you fill out an appeal with these three important things it assures that your appeal will be considered. I personally consider every appeal and it is often a difficult decision. I cannot promise that appealing will get you unbanned. Sometimes previous actions are so unnaceptable that your appeal will be denied.

    If your appeal is denied do not despair. There are many other servers out there and maybe you will be a better fit in one of them.

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